MD, MSc, and PhD Students

Our lab welcomes MSc students for theses or research / semester projects.

Potential PhD students with extensive programming experience in machine learning and interest in the clinical neurosciences or medical imaging are encouraged to contact the lab.

We also have opportunities for UZH MD students for master or Dr. med. theses. Medical students interested in the clinical neurosciences will receive an introduction to machine learning and will work on a clinical problem. Excellent academic performance, technical affinity, and prior experience with programming and/or machine learning are advantageous when applying to the lab.

External Students

Students from abroad or from other institutions (not UZH / ETH) are encouraged to contact the lab for potential research internships or MSc / PhD projects.

Artistic depiction of the basal forebrain. The olfactory nerve and striae
(yellow) are highlighted together with the optic tract (yellow), AC (red), band of
Broca (orange), ventral amygdalohypothalamic fibers (green), and extra-capsular
thalamic peduncle (purple).

Artist: Peter Roth
Source: Carlo Serra, Kevin Akeret, Nicolai Maldaner, Victor E Staartjes, Luca Regli, Gerasimos Baltsavias, Niklaus Krayenbühl, A White Matter Fiber Microdissection Study of the Anterior Perforated Substance and the Basal Forebrain: A Gateway to the Basal Ganglia?, Operative Neurosurgery, Volume 17, Issue 3, September 2019, Pages 311–320,