First Zurich Machine Intelligence in Clinical Neuroscience Symposium

Thursday, January 21st 2021 – Zoom

8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. GMT +1 (Zurich)
2:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST (New York)
11:30 p.m. – 9:30 a.m. PST (Los Angeles)
6:30 p.m. – 4:30 a.m. GMT +11 (Sydney)

Sponsored by: B. Braun Medical

Please find the video recordings of the presentations below

Session I: Implementing Machine learning in Neuroimaging and Electronic Health Records
Session Chair: Antonio Di Ieva (Sydney, Australia)
Moderators: Julius M. Kernbach, Victor Staartjes, Carlo Serra

Prof. Luca Regli / Dr. Carlo Serra / Victor Staartjes
MICN Lab, University Hospital Zurich (CH)
Natural Language Processing in Clinical Neuroscience
Dr. Quinlan D. Buchlak
University of Notre Dame (AU)
Machine Learning Terminology and Basics
Victor Staartjes
MICN Lab, University Hospital Zurich (CH)
Foundations of Machine Learning-Based Neuroimaging Segmentation
Dr. Antonios K. Thanellas
Helsinki University Hospital (FI)
Keynote Session:
Intermezzo: Wildlife Protection in Africa using Drones and Machine Learning
Dr. Friedrich F. Reinhard / Marc Ungeheuer / Christopher Rösel
EPFL Lausanne (CH) / RWTH Aachen (DE)
Computational Neuroscience:
A Personal Journey
Prof. Antonio di Ieva
Macquarie University
Neuroimaging Classification in Python: A Primer
Dr. Moumin A.K. Mohamed
Royal London Hospital (UK)

Foundations of Multiparametric Brain Tumor Imaging Characterization
Dr. Sidong Liu
Macquarie University (AU)
Lesion-Symptom Mapping Using Machine Learning
Prof. Emmanuel Mandonnet
Lariboisière Hospital Paris / University of Paris-Saclay (FR)

Session II: Applying Machine Intelligence in Daily Clinical Practice: Strengths and Limitations
Session Chair: Tiit Mathiesen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Moderators: Carlo Serra, Victor Staartjes

Ethical Issues and AI
Prof. Tiit Mathiesen
University of Copenhagen (DK)
The AI Doctor – Considerations for AI-Based Medicine
Dr. Julius M. Kernbach
RWTH Aachen University Hospital (DE)

AI-assisted AR: From Bench to Bedside
Dr. Tristan van Doormaal
Neurosurgery, University Hospital Zurich (CH)
History of Machine Learning in Neurosurgery
Andrew Schilling / Pavan Shah
Johns Hopkins University (USA)

Session III: Spectrum of Clinical Applications of Machine Learning in Clinical Neuroscience
Session Chair: Carlo Serra (Zurich, Switzerland)
Moderators: Victor Staartjes, Julius M. Kernbach

Machine Learning and COVID-19: The Evidence
Dr. Max Brzezicki
University of Oxford (UK)
Machine Vision for Intraoperative Anatomical Recognition
Dr. Michael Leung
7D Surgical, Toronto (CA)
Big Data in Clinical Neuroscience
Dr. G. Damien Brusko
University of Miami (USA)
Keynote Session:
Machine Learning in Brain Tumor Surgery
Prof. Michael E. Ivan
University of Miami (USA)

Session IV: How Does Machine Learning Work? Methodological Foundations
Session Chair: Julius M. Kernbach (Aachen, Germany)
Moderators: Tristan van Doormaal, Victor Staartjes

Overview of Algorithms for Clinical Prediction Modeling
Michael C. Jin
Stanford University (USA)
A Primer on Deep Learning
Dr. Eddie De Dios
University of Gothenburg
Tackling Natural Language Processing Problems: Practical Perspective
Leah Voytovich
University of Pennsylvania (USA)
Introduction to Bayesian Modeling
Dr. Gustav Burström
Karolinska Institute (SE)
Keynote Session:
Intermezzo: Virtual Reality in Skull Base Surgery
Prof. Walter C. Jean
George Washington University (USA)
Deploying Clinical Prediction Models
Adrian Jimenez
Johns Hopkins University (USA)

Session V: Machine Learning at the University Hospital Zurich: What We Have Achieved So Far
Session Chair: Luca Regli (Zurich, Switzerland)
Moderators: Carlo Serra, Victor Staartjes

Lesion detection in Neuroimaging Using Machine Learning
Dr. Risto Grkovski
University Hospital Zurich (CH)
At the pulse of time:
Machine vision in retinal videos
Dr. Timothy Hamann
University Hospital Zurich
Keynote Session:
AI in the Neuro-ICU
Prof. Emanuela Keller
University Hospital Zurich (CH)
Machine Learning-Based Prediction of Complications after Brain Tumor Surgery
Dr. Bas van Niftrik
MICN Lab, Neurosurgery
University Hospital Zurich (CH)
Closing Remarks
Prof. Luca Regli / Dr. Carlo Serra / Victor Staartjes
MICN Lab, Neurosurgery
University Hospital Zurich (CH)

Machine Learning in Pituitary Surgery
Dr. Vittorio Stumpo
MICN Lab, Neurosurgery
University Hospital Zurich (CH)