Zurich Microanastomosis Course – Jan. 9 & 10 2021

Join the Zurich Microanastomosis Course and improve your microsurgical skill on perfused placenta models!

University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

–       9-10 January 2021: Microanastomosis/Microsurgery Course – Hands-on in Lab

Full refund of course fees is provided if a participant cannot join the course due to the situation of the COVID19-Pandemy

Website: https://usz-microsite.ch/microanastomosis-course/

Course Directors: Giuseppe Esposito, Marcelo Magaldi, Luca Regli

Program: https://usz-microsite.ch/microanastomosis-course/placenta-course/

Registration: https://usz-microsite.ch/microanastomosis-course/registration-placenta-course-2/

–       Mrs. Aude-Claire Gerber-Nielsen, University Hospital Zurich, Department of Neurosurgery, Frauenklinikstrasse 10, CH – 8091 Zurich
–       Email: aude-claire.gerber-nielsen@usz.ch

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